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2012 Research Calendar

recent studies

recent studies

Data Products

Sub-Advisory Databooks
A must-have for your business planning and prospecting, FRC's Sub-Advisory Databooks will give you the entire mutual fund and VA sub-advised landscape at your fingertips. Data is showcased from the industry viewpoint down to the fund level, and showcased from both the advisor/sponsor and sub-advisor perspectives. Using FRC's proprietary methodology for mandate change gathering and data analysis, the Databooks show all of the sub-advisors on each fund, fees and breakpoints, active vs. passive data, multi-manager information, firm rankings for mutual fund and VA products, and the actual amount of assets managed by each sub-advisor where available. The Sub-Advisory Databooks are ideal for internal analysis, preparing for board presentations, and easy to carry on the road for sales initiatives.

Sub-Advisory Mandate Changes Report (Monthly)
These monthly data reports highlight manager changes as found in SEC filings and categorizes them by type of activity. Mutual fund and variable annuity mandates are separated to provide clear analysis of mandate change activity in each type of market.

529 Quarterly Fee Analysis
These executive-level reports competitively assess 529 fees at the plan and investment option levels. Each report examines total annual asset based fees by number of plans, average minimum, average maximum and average by distribution channel. Channels evaluated include advisor, fee-based, and direct and portfolio types such as asset allocation, age-based and individual. The reports also include program manager contract expiration dates.

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