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2012 Research Calendar

recent studies

recent studies

Beyond the Collateral

Unlocking Marketing's Strategic Potential for Competitive Advantage
In one of the most comprehensive examinations of marketing ever undertaken in the intermediary-distributed financial space, FRC has partnered with Chicago-based SwanDog Strategic Marketing. In addition to exploring the current state of marketing and the prospects for its future, the study offers preliminary benchmarking of marketing compensation, budgets and organization structures as well as presenting a roadmap for bringing more strategic focus to firm's marketing efforts.
The study combines primary quantitative and qualitative research of senior executives, distribution and marketing heads with SwanDog's experience. SwanDog principals average over 20 years each as marketing practitioners in the financial space.

In this study, FRC examines:

  • Where we are and how a lack of marketing has manifested itself in some of the industry's worst habits
  • Where we should be, leaning on primary research, an exploration of best marketing practices in both the manufacturing and packaged goods industries
  • How to get there, stay there, and avoid a relapse

This study offers value to a broad range of interested parties

  • •For the CEO/President or other Senior Managers, we offer an insightful and thought provoking look at marketing's potential to contribute to your firm's growth and what it will take for the firm to fully leverage that potential.
  • For the Head of Distribution, the study offers advice into getting more and different support from your marketing team to help you better extend the reach of your sales force and optimize their time in front of clients.
  • For the CMO, Director of Marketing or Marketing Manager, we present important benchmarking of budgets and organization structures that you can use to gain management's support, as well as some compelling actions that you can take immediately.

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